‘Tax System That Rewards Work’?

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Writes Corey Rittenhouse:

I watch about 5 or 10 mins of TV news a day, usually Bloomberg on mute at lunch. Today when I turned on the TV the mute happened to be off and I hear Barrack Obama saying he’s working on a new tax system that rewards work and puts the self-interest of the people who are robbed ahead of the people for which the money is stolen. That was my fill of doublespeak for the day, back to mute.

I wonder if people would take me seriously if I was to say I just assigned a team to invent a new bullet that when penetrating the skull of a living being will generate life.

Just before I was about to turn off the TV I catch a headline across the bottom of the screen “government is working to keep the doors of small businesses open.” All I could picture was an armed tax agent with his foot in the door of a retail shop, preventing the owner from locking the door while the rest of the squad take what is left of his property.

12:07 pm on April 15, 2009