Tax-Feeder Brutality: Not Just for U.S. Citizens

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With apologies to Will Grigg for stepping on his toes, there are apparently enough random, bogus police whippings going on that others can catalog them too. (Police beatings—it’s a growth industry.)

Writes wreaver:

With the 2010 Olympics set to take place soon, the world’s eyes are on Vancouver city, on the west coast of Canada. A report in the National Post tells a horrific story of a brutal beating of a Vancouver man — Yao Wei — by plainclothes Vancouver police who showed up at his front door. The worst of it is that Yao Wei wasn’t even the person for which they were looking. (They were knocking on the wrong door!) Yao Wei did not resist arrest, but was still brutally beat by Vancouver police.

It’s worth noting that the cops didn’t even bother to be “provoked” this time. They simply started meting out a whipping immediately after getting the wrong person. One can be comforted that, “The Vancouver Police Department’s Professional Standards Section will be conducting an investigation and the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has been notified.” That should help!

One other point, just to be clear. Even if the police had been at the right apartment, and had accosted the real suspect, their actions are criminal and brutal, rather like those of thugs from which they ostensibly protect the fragile citizenry.

11:22 am on January 29, 2010