Tasers: Who Can And Can’t Have Them

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A quick look at the table of taser laws reveals which are the worst states to (legally) own one: CT, the District of Criminals, HI, IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI (our Canadian friends are out of luck as well).

Notice the idiosyncrasies with some of the restrictions. In CT and IL, they’re only legal in one’s homes. In D.C., you can only get one with a (hah!) firearm registration. In Michigan, Tasers are fine but only if you are a bail agent, private investigator, or properly trained aircraft pilot or crew –everyone else is worthless.

If, however, you don a government costume and call yourself a police officer, you can have whatever you want and, in some cases, get away with murder with the non-lethal Taser. Enjoy!

10:45 am on April 5, 2008