“Talk Radio With A Freedom Twist”

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Speaking of Halestorm, thanks to all you who have read it and very kindly written me or reviewed it on Amazon. This afternoon, from 5-6 PM (Eastern Time), I’ll chat with Katherine Albrecht about the novel on her show. I invite you to listen; if you live in Austin, TX, catch us at 90.1 FM. The program also airs on many affiliate stations and over the GCN Radio Network. It streams live on the net as well (www.KatherineAlbrecht.com [from the “Radio Show” menu, click “Listen Live”] or at
 www.GCNLive.com [click the Katherine Albrecht show from the rotating lineup]).

Feel free to call during that hour with questions about the novel. I’d love to “meet” on-air those of you who’ve written me and new friends, too!  Dial 855-660-4261 or, if it’s busy, 612-465-7369. Should be a rousing discussion of Nathan Hale, the American Revolution, and, of course, the beauty of anarchy vs. our direst enemy, the State.

11:37 am on February 12, 2013