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I could be mistaken, but I thought I heard this from Dennis Prager the other day: Prager was talking about how Sheehan’s husband divorced her. In his comments he said that if Sheehan was saying that “her son died for nothing” then the husband had a “moral obligation” to divorce her for sullying the memory of their son.

If anyone else heard this, I’d be interested to hear from you. I know that Prager sells himself as a moral traditionalist, but if this is what he meant to say, then Prager has shown himself to be willing to dump the moral foundations of marriage for the sake of his war ideology. You see, there’s this portion of scripture known as the “New Testament” in which the authors note that if one divorces and remarries, then he or she commits adultery, and that “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” Indeed, there are no exceptions to this as stated several times by Christ and in the Epistles (7 times in fact) except in the one case in Matthew (but not stated in the other 6 condemnations of divorce) which Protestants interpret as adultery and Catholics interpret as incest.

Either way, trying to turn certain political statements about a war into grounds for dissolving a marriage is absolutely ludicrous and abhorrent. The first responsibility of a married person is to the marriage and to his or her spouse. Responsibility to children is always secondary to the marriage and the spouse. Prager might want to consult Genesis in case he forgot that a man and his wife are one flesh. Not a man and his son.

12:02 am on June 3, 2007