Talk About Gross Economic Ignorance

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Add PIMCO founder billionaire Bill Gross to the list of economically-ignorant billionaires who “thinks” that raising taxes appreciably on the wealthiest is a “good” idea to help our ailing economy. What is always asked by people of my political ilk is this: All of you billionaires who are feeling guilty about not paying enough taxes, why not just write a check to the IRS with the extra tax amount that you feel you should be fairly paying? (Sort of a “donation,” so to speak.) I can’t imagine that bloodsucking bureaucracy turning down the extra dough. Also, why don’t you stop hiding your wealth in tax-exempt foundations and trusts so that more of your earned income is taxable? Hmmm? Talk is cheap Bill and George and Warren. Put your money where your “guilty” mouth is.

Gross also accuses corporations of “holding governments basically hostage.” Yes, the organization with the guns is being held hostage by those without the guns. Perhaps the corporations have just figured out how to play the game and work their way around the government. (Though some of them have been holding the U.S. government hostage—and, consequently, the rest of us—for the last 100 years.)


5:51 pm on March 30, 2011