taking on the university creeps

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I was reluctant to start this series of blogging letters about my adventures in Baltimore with the politically correct crowd, because some of them were so supportive, so positive, so complimentary, that I feared to do so would become one long exercise in self promotion. I was prevailed upon, however, to share these with the LRC readers, for the good they may do in cleaning out the Augean stables of academia. Today, there are several such letters. Walter Block

Dear Lew,

Thanks for keeping us updated on the Walter Block saga. After reading LRC’s offering on the topic by the Mensch himself, I can only say that I’ll bet the diversity task force wishes this would all just go away.



Dear J, he is The Man. Never in my lifetime has someone so smart, articulate, and implacable taken on these creeps. I think this marks a turning point for the whole PC regime.

Lew Rockwell

Dear Professor Block,

It is a delight, inspiration, and privilege to be included (via the good offices of LRC) in the circle of people who watch you do battle with forces of intellectual and cultural darkness at Loyola. Let’s be clear: they have turned an intellectual discussion they have badly misunderstood into a scurrilous attack on your character.

My high esteem for you is based on your transparent openness, your tenacious adherence to the truth, and your enduring courage. However, my esteem for certain employees of Loyola drops weekly.

They have had, and continue to have many ways to address your concerns, among these are the steps outlined in Matthew 18:15-17. Addressing your concerns will require at least some courage, and the ability to say “I was wrong”. This will be very hard for them, for they are patently arrogant cowards.

Judging from the earlier actions of certain Loyola academics, these shadowy name-callers and cowardly besmirchers have insufficient intelligence or intestinal fortitude to stand and deliver. Even a secular person as myself can see clearly run roughshod over the tenets of their own faith vis a vis how to treat others. I’d say “throw the Book at them!” at these self-proclaimed religious examplars but I can tell from their words they know how to dodge the guidance of the Good Book better than a disgraced president dodges a foreign journalist’s shoe.

Any one of us who has lived a certain number of years, and who has attempted to do so with some authenticity and individuality has been tarred as you have. Perhaps not in equivalent measure, but tarred nonetheless. It weighs on the soul.

While misapprehensions, refusals to engage in clean public discourse and dirty whispering campaigns lead by cowards and underinformed ignoramuses are a soul-heavying burden, it is a delight to see someone of your calibre fight back. I cheer you and your crusade, Dr. Block.

Loyola is lucky to have you. Loyola tells us that the Jesuit tradition is to “be critical, examine attitudes, challenge assumptions, and analyze motives.” I hope they live up to that, going forward.

Dr. Block I wish you every good, just, and compassionate success. I have no doubt but that you will turn the bitter fruit of your labors to a sweet positive end.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Best Regards,


Dear Prof. Block:

Wow what a throttling! I’m very familiar with your articles at
lewrockwell.com. I’m glad you’re ripping apart these pseudo
professors. As a current college student I must thank you and Lew for providing the best education for proper debate and analysis. I was educated in (or rather herded through) the Los Angeles school system, which was a complete waste of societies’ valuable resources (forgive me but I repeat myself.) In college I dreaded liberal arts classes because I was unable to coherently voice my opinions, so socialist professors with no economic understanding were able to suffocate the class with collectivist flatulence. However, as I started reading Columns of yours and others on lewrockwell.com, I became slightly more enlightened. Now I call out these professors, by demanding they follow their logic. The most stimulating discussion I had was when the professor said discriminating was evil and I countered with the negation. I was able to further the argument by showing that everyone discriminates In regard to their sexual partners. I was able to show the rest of the class that discrimination was an everyday occurrence and that we have the natural right to associate or not.

I greatly appreciate all that you and your associates (especially
DiLorenzo) do for my education.

Best regards,

2:05 am on January 21, 2009