Take My Ziploc Bag of 3-oz Liquid Containers, Please!

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The Transportation Security Administration is, in many ways, a joke. Naturally, the TSA also wants to be the arbiter of jokes. Many US airports now play this security announcement: “Any inappropriate remarks or jokes regarding security may result in your arrest.” The definition of “inappropriate” is, of course, entirely at the discretion of the arresting officer. “A priest, a rabbi, and a TSA officer walk into a bar. . . .” Click! On go the cuffs. “Look at that big baggage screener! When he sits around the security area, he sits around the security area!” Zap! Just tased you, bro’. Best to maintain a blank expression, keep your eyes down, stand quietly, and obey all instructions. Happy flying, Citizen!

5:28 pm on November 1, 2009