Sweet Potatoes Are a Primal Treat

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But to mash them properly—with cream, butter, cinnamon, and salt—you need the right kitchen tool. Here’s the one I just bought, and I love it. Oh, and while you’re mashing, here’s the right music.

As great as mashed sweet potatoes are, however, nothing can beat french fried ones. I just got this wonderful little deep fryer—and coconut oil, of course. Cut them thicker than white potato fries, use the best salt, and eat them right away.

BTW, how great to see the benefits of Xylitol getting more attention. The no-calorie sweetener fights tooth decay, and can even heal small cracks int he teeth. Xylitol toothpaste is efficacious and delicious, but be sure to get the non-fluoride kind. I just ordered a refill of my favorite.

10:34 am on November 25, 2012