Swat-Teaming Farmer’s Markets

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In regards to this post and the quotes contained from the article linked to, Glenn Jacobs correctly writes, “Per your entry on the LRC blog about elites telling people to eat natural food–perhaps Mr. Obama can explain how the FDA SWAT-teaming farmer’s markets and raw milk sellers encourages healthy eating.” Well he can’t! Because the corporatist state trumps real healthy eating, as we know. The government doesn’t want you healthy – it just wants to rule over you, control your lifestyle, and force changes onto you that benefits others who are cozy with big government. People voluntarily buying or bartering for raw milk, natural supplements, or any other unapproved items, does not benefit Big Pharma or the other special interests that are fed by the government’s corporate-state chain of command and omnipotent bureaucracy.

3:52 pm on January 24, 2009