“SWAT officers invade home, take 11-year-old at gunpoint”

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Another case of SWAT tyranny.

Scene 1: Boy hits head. Father, qualified to make a medical decision, checks his son and concludes that he is ok.
Scene 2: Busybody neighbor calls an ambulance.
Scene 3: Ambulance shows up at the house and paramedics demand that the child be brought to a hospital for further examination; the father refuses.
The following day…
Scene 4: SWAT team shows up, kidnaps the child for evaluation (and is later released).
Scene 5: Sheriff confesses that the father is a “constitutionalist” and had been making “comments” for years.

If you believe in the radical notion that parents, not a bureaucrat, should be the ones making decisions on behalf of the family, you are obviously a criminal. Further, if you are so bold as to make “comments” about the government, you are clearly a target. Oh, and did I mention they were homeschoolers? Clearly a bunch of troublemakers.

1:11 pm on January 7, 2008