Surprise, Surprise Again

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Kern County’s coroner has fantasized that David Sal Silva, 78 — no, wait, make that 33, died of heart disease, not the savage attack nine cops dealt with batons and the dog they sicced on him.

The eyewitnesses to that attack must have hallucinated, too. You’ll recall that they insisted cops beat Mr. Silva in the head with their batons and, in fact, could have proved that with the video they shot on their cell-phones. But cops robbed them of those phones, and the incriminating footage in one phone has conveniently disappeared. No matter. While discussing the coroner’s findings, Sheriff Donny “My-Deputies-Kill-Citizens-All-Da-Time,-Ya-Got-A-Problem-Wid-Dat?” Youngblood “said [his deputies’] blows were mainly to [Mr. Silva’s] midsection and were not fatal.” You betcha.

Nor is “My-Deputies-Kill-Citizens-Etc.” content with the coroner’s lies; he wants the whole enchilada of full exoneration for him and his thugs. It isn’t their fault a guy they beat to death died: “I think the media caused a lot of this hysteria that occurred in this community,” “My-Deputies-Kill-Citizens,-Etc.” announced.

And yet a staggering number of Americans out there believe cops belong to the human race.  (Thanks to Travis Holte for the link to the Los Angeles Times.)

9:10 am on May 25, 2013