Supreme Court Appointments by President Ron Paul

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Four days ago, on July 22, 2011, I wrote a column for in which I speculated about President Ron Paul’s likely appointments to fill vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court. That article was very much a first draft. I knew that I was committing errors both of omission and commission. I called for help on the part of the readership of LRC. I have now inputted information I was given as a result of that request.

If you go back to this url, you will see the results. Here are some teasers. (1) I added 19 new names. (2) I had almost two dozen objections to my omission of one of these libertarian lawyers. Guess which person received all of these “votes”? (3) I added two people to my list of “libertarians” that Ron would never in a million years appoint. Who were they? (4) The article I cited as a reason for not appointing one of them to the Supreme Court was written by Matt Mortellaro. I asked the subject of that article (one of these two I added as non libertarian “libertarians”) if he would publish a reply it. He said he wouldn’t, because the Mortellaro critique of him was so poorly done. In my view, however, this one article is worth the entire price of admission. It is really an excellent defense of Ron Paul, one worthy of the widest dissemination possible.

Lew asked me to follow up my Supreme Court nomination article with another, this time on Ron Paul’s cabinet. I must decline, due to the press of other commitments. However, I now turn around and suggest that other people take up Lew on this suggestion
of his. While I am on the subject, however, of follow-ups to this column of mine, let me add a few more to the mix. Who will not President Ron Paul but, rather, Republican candidate for the presidency Ron Paul, choose as his Vice President? Andrew Napolitano? Rand Paul? Gary Johnson? Lew Rockwell? This would make a good column, in my humble opinion, for LRC.

Here is another possibility. Will Ron rescind the Council of Economic Advisors? If not, then who will he pick to join this group? Who are the economists that President Paul will likely rely upon? (Hint: all those he has so far chosen to testify on the hearings he has so far conducted on the Fed should appear front and center on any such list.)

Here is yet another possible entrant for these What Will President Paul Do sweepstakes: What will Ron do first? Get up a list of the order in which his first dozen or two initiatives will appear. Will he first bring the troops home? Which countries first, given that he cannot do this for all of them in the very first day? Or, will his first act be to abolish the Fed? The much beloved Department of Agriculture? The Department of Education?

The fun here is not so much in making up these lists, although that can indeed be a blast, but in the reasons given for these choices.

My expectation is that if enough good LRC columns are written on these subjects, Lew will highlight them in a special session on his web page. Then, the Paul Administration will find in one handy place information of possible use to it.

12:57 pm on June 26, 2011