Support the SWAT Team Deer-Killers

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Daniel:  You’re being too hard on these brave SWAT-teamers who bravely and with great courage went out to an animal shelter in Wisconsin and killed a helpless, harmless, motherless baby deer. This fawn – who had been named Giggles by shelter workers – was the product of a broken home, and – like her human counterparts – might have grown to become a member of a violent street-gang. Worse yet, she might have become a threat to motorists by confronting them on highways, and menacing them with her “deer-in-the-headlights” looks.

These SWAT-team members deserve our gratitude and public recognition. Perhaps their names could be made public so that we could honor them for their public service.  At the very least, bumper-stickers could be printed up that read “Support the Baby Deer Killers.”

10:12 pm on August 2, 2013