Superbowl, Sochi, Obamacare, Atlanta Roads

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Everything the government touches is a mess. Without the profit and loss feedback and the vital information provided by prices, governments always get it wrong. In Sochi, it’s partially finished hotels (underfunding), but over the top extravagance at some sporting venues (overfunding). The Obamacare website, built with millions in looted tax dollars, is still a usability and security nightmare. It will remain as easy to use as the DMV because the bureaucrats in charge have no need to please consumers beyond keeping the site out of the headlines. The negative consequences are too far removed from their poor performance. What will happen if no one uses – will they be fired? No. Contrast that with any other business – they are run based on metrics (subscribers, subscriber growth, revenue, etc.) When those numbers are missed, changes are made including sacking.

9:18 am on February 6, 2014