Sullivan — The One-Dimensional Man

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Lew, Sullivan belongs to a reductionist crowd that squeezes all existence into a unidimensional left-right line. You must be left, or right, or centrist” (also known as “moderate”), or you don’t belong (or, perhaps you DO belong — in a Gulag psychiatric hospital).

This lazy man’s “analysis” is irrational, sheer ideology: if we embrace it, we’re stuck in the unidimensional grid. But that’s the same one-line that allowed George W. Bush to “justify” his illegal invasions by asserting that he was fighting “extremists” — no further rational discussion was required (or allowed). It’s adolescent palaver, sophomoric bombast — all leading to immeasurable death and destruction.

No understanding can ever flow from this pathetic excuse for a critical principle — and Sullivan brings on laughter when he asserts that, if you are not a “rightist,” you must be a “leftist.” What if we don’t buy into the line? The L-R spectrum is a lying ideological bludgeon, nothing more.

Freedom goes in a million directions, in countless dimensions. The lust for power concentrates all like down to a unidimensional line, and, finally, to an excruciating point, with the tyrant’s boot forever on the neck.

The truth extends across all dimensions. And, to echo Solzhenitsyn, the Gulag’s most prominent patient, “the truth will make you free, but falsehood always brings violence in its wake.”

1:41 pm on January 23, 2011