Such Freedom!

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I’ve just changed my reservation for a rental car for the third time, though my trip will commence shortly. No penalty (in fact, each modification has seen the price decline), no forfeiting the cost of my original reservation, no attempts to rook me out of the taxes the Feds steal…

If you’re still suffering the devastating humiliation, abuse, inconvenience, and utter rip-off that is nationalized-to-all-intents-and-purposes American aviation, may I ask why? I’ll drive about 500 miles on this journey in a little over 7 hours. A comparable commercial flight would eat up almost that much time door-to-door, between allowing for the TSA’s sexual assault and the runway’s congestion. Meanwhile, I’ll stop any time I please, nor need I ask a glorified waitress’s permission to use the lavatory. I’ll also enjoy a leisurely, civilized dinner rather than a few wizened, oversalted peanuts. I won’t breathe recycled, germy air nor endure some little brat’s endlessly kicking the back of my seat. I won’t be crammed cheek-by-jowl against 150 very imperfect strangers.

Drive, ride a bicycle, walk. But don’t fly.

12:01 pm on July 24, 2012