Study the Libertarians and the Conservatives With Rothbard and Raimondo This Summer

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You still have about two weeks to register for my class on the history of the conservative and libertarian movements this summer at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Students can of course register for this 3-hour, upper-division political science seminar.

But you can also audit this course as a non-student for a mere $450. Since this class offers nearly 40 hours of class lecture and discussion time, that works out to about 12 dollars per hour. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to discuss at length the Austrian economists, the Old Right, the Ron Paul movement, and the ongoing battle between the libertarians and conservatives, you might enjoy this seminar.

See the class web site for info on how to register and class info. You can even pay with your credit card over the phone.

12:21 pm on May 10, 2012