Struggle Over Iran Negotiations

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Obama is negotiating with Iran. Now he encounters the neocon counterattack, seeking to stop the talks.

There is some disarray at his highest levels. His own Treasury Secretary (Cohen) and chief negotiator (Sherman) ask Congress not to impose further sanctions, but one hour later Cohen adds a bunch of companies to the sanctions list. McCain again threatens new sanctions.

Iran wisely says it will continue the negotiations. Obama says nothing and bides his time. He has won some backing in Congress, namely, Tim Johnson and Mike Crapo.

The warmongers in Congress are a serious menace to Americans. Their threat to Americans is far, far greater than any known terrorist threat and certainly immensely greater than any threat emanating from Iran. There is every opportunity to reduce any conceivable nuclear threat of Iran, now or future, to zero, a nullity, nil. The warmongers are dead set against such an action.

There is less of a clear and tangible opening to eliminate the threat posed by the anti-Iran and anti-peace warmongers who inhabit Congress and the Executive. They need to be identified by name and removed from office. McCain, Robert Menendez, Bob Corker, and Mark Kirk are four speaking out lately against Iran.

6:44 am on December 16, 2013