Strictly for Laughs

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Fox News Sunday sought out Cheney and interviewed him, as reported by CNN. I’ve rewritten some of that article according to what passed through my mind as I read. My replacements are bracketed […].

Former Vice President Dick Cheney defended [the Iraq War] programs Sunday, but not the Obama administration that now supervises them.

Discussing [the Iraq War], Cheney told Fox News Sunday that the U.S. [invasion and bombings] have “saved lives and protected us from other attacks.”

Cheney also said [he] has a hard time defending the programs because of questions surrounding the [absence of weapons of mass destruction] and [the Bush administration’s propaganda]…

“[I’ve] got no credibility,” Cheney said.

[Cheney] and aides have also defended the surveillance programs operated by the National Security Agency, saying they include safeguards to protect civil liberties — safeguards they say were not in place when the [Bill Clinton] administration supervised them.

In his Fox News interview, Cheney also criticized [himself], [saying] he is the one who disclosed [false] information about the [Iraqi threats]  to the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers. [Cheney] is believed to be [playing golf] in Hong Kong.

“I think [I’m]a traitor,” Cheney said, and [I] could be a spy for the Chinese. “I think [I have] committed crimes, [but no one in the government cares].”

Not unlike Obama, Cheney said these programs require secrecy so that [Americans] don’t know what U.S. [warmongers] are up to.

“Sooner or later, there’s going to be another attack [by the U.S.],” Cheney said, one that could include biological agents or even nuclear devices.

8:53 am on June 16, 2013