Israel Attack: Strange Bedfellows on Syria?

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Today Israel, without provocation or legal justification, bombed Syrian territory.

As usual, the US government covers for Israeli military aggression in the region, however press reports that the US was scrambling for intelligence regarding the Israeli attack on Syria suggests that there was no forewarning by our “ally” of a potentially enormously destabilizing escalation. Gee, thanks.

Still it is entirely unclear what were Israel’s targets or intentions.

What is most interesting is that Israel is targeting for military attack the same Syrian Army that the Islamist Free Syrian Army and the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front are fighting to overthrow. Why would Israel prefer foaming at the mouth Islamic decapitation experts to rule Syria? Is it a case of the worse the better?

More importantly, perhaps, does this signal a more active phase by the Israeli military in the Syrian conflict? And if so, does the US government have a clue what to do in response?
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11:52 pm on January 30, 2013