Stop Regular Use of Anti-Bacterial Soaps and Toothpastes

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These products with triclosan or similar anti-bacterial chemicals kill TOO MANY bacteria for regular use. After awhile, the hardy ones that survive are too potent and unbalanced. Too much sanitation has a definite downside. Regular hand washing with ordinary soap is enough. That’s my opinion. There are probably some government regulations or some fears of lawsuits that have encouraged the wide use of these anti-bacterials.

On another subject, trips provide perspective. A friend visiting China writes “I don’t think they feel they are in any conflict with the West. Reading U.S. stories makes me gloomy. From over here U.S./Israeli policy and Obama policy statements seem even more insane—if that is possible. Reading Krugman in the China Daily on the subway tonight, I was struck by how he thinks of a recession as the end of the world, and how nature must be mastered.”

10:24 am on July 8, 2010