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My dear friends and fellow haters of the TSA, many of you are sending me the link to Pythias Brown’s interview with ABC News. Pythias, you may remember, was one of the very few (ca. 400) of the TSA’s 55,000 thieves imprisoned for his crimes; the other ca. 54,600 continue stealing shampoo and cupcakes. (And for those of you who haven’t read his confession and forwarded it to me yet, I urge you to do so. Read it, that is. How utterly encouraging that even a steadfast cheerleader for Leviathan like ABC News has to admit the TSA’s utter corruption and kleptomania!)

Pythias has a very valid point: The TSA suborns its personnel by making it exceptionally easy to plunder passengers. Of course, given the dregs the agency hires, subornation isn’t too difficult.

Abolish the TSA.

2:04 pm on September 28, 2012