“Still Crazy . . . . . After All These Years”

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No, I do not refer to that Paul Simon song with these lyrics.  I refer instead to a headline in today’s newspapers about how the U.S. government has “resumed bombing” in Iraq.  It reminded me that the U.S. government has been bombing Iraq continuously since 1990 when the First Persian Gulf War began.  That war “ended” but weekly bombing continued for more than a decade, before the second ‘war.”

So the U.S. has been bombing Iraq for 24 years now, and for what?  The Mighty American Military is STILL unable to defeat a few hundred “rebels.”  As for our rulers, ordering nineteen-year-old rednecks from South Carolina, Georgia, and elsewhere to murder foreigners, women and children included,  must be more addictive to them than crack cocaine is.  And it is Southern rednecks who are grossly over-represented in the military and do the lion’s share of the state’s killing and maiming overseas.  This is perhaps the result of generations of “reconstructing” and guilt tripping of Southerners.  Even worse, they send crazed, murderous dopes like Lindsay Graham (R-Tel Aviv) to the U.S. Senate.

9:30 am on August 17, 2014