Stewart-O’Reilly-Ron Paul

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Writes Blair MacGregor:

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly taped a segment together for a three-part series.

At around 34 minutes in, Jon mentions the hypocrisy in Fox’s treatment of anti-war protesters and their glowing remarks re: the tea party protesters. Jon then segued into general neocon hypocrisy that we all know and love in regards to the deficits and then mentioned Ron Paul, asking why Fox didn’t treat him better when he was calling out W and Co. for their fiscal irresponsibility?

O’Reilly’s response? A half-hearted sideswipe and a desperate attempt to change the subject matter.

They know. It’s more obvious to me than ever before that there was a coordinated, deliberate effort by Fox News to pass Ron off as a kook, etc. You saw it in the ’07-’08 debates, in news clips, opinion pieces, etc.

10:21 pm on February 5, 2010