Step on the gas — we’re headed for a cliff!

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Apparently, I need to make a radical downward revision of my estimate of Barack Obama’s intelligence. I really don’t think that a reasonably bright fellow would set himself up the way he did in his recent speech to a Democrat retreat in Williamsburg:

“I don’t care if you’re driving a hybrid or SUV. If you’re driving toward a cliff, you have to change direction. That’s what the American people called for.”

Soooo — the right thing to do, when we’re headed for a cliff, is to jump on the accelerator, O Divine One?

Forgive me for persisting in my faithlessness, but didn’t you vote for the Bushling’s Plutocrat Bailout Bill, O One Most Holy? Doesn’t your “stimulus” bill simply represent another huge orgy of spending?

Obama the Blessed (peace be upon him) likewise professed puzzlement over criticism that his plan simply increases spending, rather than providing “stimulus” to the economy, according to a write-up of the speech: “`What do you think stimulus is?’ Obama said, with visible frustration. `That’s the point.'”

Actually, the point is that Obama, who is a Marxist to his chromosomes, simply cannot understand how an economy can operate without central planning and invasive manipulation by the state.

I don’t know how much of Obama’s theatrical indignation was mere posturing and pandering. I suspect this is actually a pretty accurate sample of what passes for this guy’s thinking. I suspect that when the heat and pressure deprive him of his superficial urbanity, he’s going to turn really petty and vicious.

3:08 pm on February 6, 2009