Statists Complain of Slippery Slope (Against Them)

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First things first. I don’t consider the Supreme Court to have any legitimate authority over anyone and their dictates rarely do much to increase our freedoms. That said, it’s at least entertaining to watch the statists in Chicago get unnerved by the possibility that the Supreme Court might overturn Chicago’s gun ban. Mayor Richard Daley of course wants the ban to stay and is worried that a rollback of the gun ban could jeopardize other gun laws in the city.

Here’s his piece of wisdom: “This is the first time; once you start doing this, you’ll start breaking down local laws, county and even state laws — unlawful use of a weapon.” Libertarians are often mocked for repeatedly referring to the so-called “slippery slope” of interventionism—that once you start regulating something, even if it’s apparently a minor or benign issue, sooner or later it leads to more (and more draconian) legislation. Yet here Daley is making the same case. Oh no, he shivers, imagine if our precious legislation takes a hit!

2:48 pm on March 2, 2010