States Outlaw Fish Pedicures

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No—You haven’t just accidentally stumbled upon the website of the National Inquirer. In the latest bit of news from Bizarro World, people actually get fish pedicures; and, this being the case, you knew that it wouldn’t be long before some bureaurats in a number of state gunvernments have started to ban them. Why? Why else—because the bureaurats, in their infinite “wisdom,” have decided that:

“…there’s concern because there’s no way to disinfect a pool of fish in between uses.” — Florida

“…it’s impossible to sanitize the live fish. “You can clean the tank, you can clean the water, but there’s no guarantee that the fish aren’t carrying something from the previous customer.” — Washington

“…the procedure poses an undue risk to public health…TDLR rules do not permit this procedure because the same fish are used on multiple customers and could transmit infectious diseases. Additionally, the use of live fish does not allow for the footbaths and the holding tank for the fish to be adequately cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the rules…” — Texas

Of course, keep in mind folks that:

“The treatment is popular in Asia…”

Asia—you know, that’s the continent that doesn’t seem to be having a health epidemic due to this latest fad.

7:04 am on March 23, 2009