Spy Versus Spy

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The neoconservative dialectic, a.k.a. DoubleThink, trudges on. Obama is the same old anti-American Leftist he always was, says Norman Podhoretz. No, not at all, he’s a “born-again neocon,” says Kid Kristol.

Shocker: In this case, as Leo Strauss would say, the Dialectical Duo have revealed one dirty little secret too many—that is, Podhoretz and Kristol might both be right: a neocon just might be an anti-American leftist. After all, they were all Trotskyites once. So, like Obama, maybe they are the same old anti-American leftists they always were.

Damn that Aristotle and his logic!

The Left has always counted on the confluence of contradictions (since there is no truth, of course, just power: viz. Karl Marx’s Eleventh Thesis on Feuerbach). The neocons will continue spewing them ad nauseam. Anything to keep the wars going, and freedom dying.

8:15 am on August 13, 2011