Spring in Romney-Warren Land

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Writes Ed Smith:

Spring has come to your home state with a foot of snow. It’s a winter wonderland outside my door.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I filed my taxes. The Mass. form ran eleven pages on a gross income of about $40,000. Two pages are devoted to the penalty tax you have to pay if your health insurance isn’t Romneycare compliant.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren, who was imported to be our senator, as Hillary was imported into New York to become its senator, is proposing a minimum wage of $22/hour. As my earnings, in 2012, came to less than $22/hour, if I were an employee of my LLC, I’d be in violation of the minimum wage law if my net income were to fall short of what would be, to comply with the law, my legally imposed profit margin, requiring me to petition the powers that be to let myself become my independent contractor.

The bumper stickers have lately appeared: Hillary and Michelle in 2016. But Elizabeth for VP is beginning to gain traction.

10:33 am on March 20, 2013