Spooky! Jared Lee Loughner Is on Rep. Gifford’s YouTube Channel

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In response to my earlier posting about the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, I received this email from a reader (personal name not identified) of this blog:

“It’s interesting to note, and I don’t yet know the significance, but on the Congresswoman’s YouTube page, she subscribed to only two other YouTube channels. One of which belonged to Jared Lee Loughner.”

Naturally intrigued, I went to the Congresswoman’s YouTube channel and there, at the bottom left of her home page, is a section with the heading, “Subscriptions (2),” with two photo boxes below.

The photo to the right turns out to be former Democratic Congressman Ike Skelton of Missouri, who lost last November to his Republican opponent, Vicky Hartzler.

The photo box to the left is blank (no photo inside), and the caption underneath simply says “Classit…” It is not until you click on the photo box and land on the page that you see it identified as: “Jared Lee Loughner. Classitup10’s Channel.”

The anonymous nature of the listing on Gifford’s home page undoubtedly explains why this has not come to the public’s attention—until now.

The first video you encounter on Loughner’s YouTube page is “Hello,” which he describes as “My introduction to the channel!” It was posted on December 15, 2010. In his profile he says he joined YouTube on October 25, 2010 and gives his website as http://Myspace.com/fallenasleep, which is now inoperative.

In the final batch of text on his “Hello” video, Loughner says, “In a few days, you know I’m conscious dressing.” This is as incoherent as the rest of his videos, but I can’t help but wonder: Is he forecasting his planned assassination? Is that what he refers to as “conscious dressing”?

In light of the subsequent assassination attempt, all of this is downright spooky. What is Loughner’s YouTube channel doing on Rep. Gifford’s YouTube channel? Did she “subscribe” to his channel, or did someone on her staff do so? Either way, WHY?  Didn’t anyone bother to check on what was on his channel, and realize he was a nut job? It also makes me wonder what other contacts there might have been between Loughner and Gifford, or at least her office. And whether we will ever know the truth about that.

3:13 am on January 10, 2011