SPLC Follies

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Influential Reformed minister Douglas Wilson, Pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, gets the treatment from Morris Dees. Wilson responds the only way a reasonable person can respond: with humor.

“I have been featured in an expose in the Intelligence Report, published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is the world’s richest civil rights organization…. In the article, I am branded as an enthusiastic Taliban/Reconstructionist/neo-Confederate running pig-dog kind of guy. The article is, of course, full of howlers…. Of course, the folks who paid ready money for the Intelligence Report deserve to get a return on their entertainment dollar. Some people like scary movies to make the heart beat faster, some like the Tilt-a-Whirl at the country fair, and some like this kind of breathless conspiracy reporting. So, it’s a free country, and they can suit themselves. I hereby give the Intelligence Report permission to use my name in order to give liberals in Vermont needlessly clammy palms. Boo!”

10:38 pm on May 5, 2004