Soviet Amerikan Empire

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I liked Pat Buchanan’s article promoting nationalism as a resistance to any possible “re-establishment of the Soviet Empire,” encouraging the former Soviet republics to reassert their national independence. But I wonder what he feels about the U.S. states asserting their independence and their will to free themselves from the U.S. empire’s authoritarian controls? Not only is the monstrous U.S. government intruding its drooling empire tentacles onto all other territories all over the world and into the private matters of the peoples of those territories. But the barbarians and marauders of the U.S. government have been increasingly extending their bloody empire and criminality throughout every inch of each U.S. state, from Maine to California, like Washington is an occupying foreign regime. Just how often have people been comparing the U.S. government and Amerika now to the USSR?

Pat talks about each former Soviet republic’s cultural and ethnic identities and history. But look at how different so many areas of the U.S. are — it’s as though such a big country with many diverse sets of values and attitudes were not meant to be one big, huge single nation. After all, a lot of people in several southern states say, “Hi, y’all,” while people in some New England states say, “Ay-yuh.” In fact, a U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte, is so appropriately named and that’s why she’s from New Hampshire and not Georgia. But I digress.

Anyway, the Anti-Federalists knew what they were talking about and why there was reason to disapprove of a centralized federal government. They instinctively knew that such a central regime would naturally turn into a totalitarian central state, and an empire reaching its claws into every person’s private life. And that is exactly what we have now: USSA. And it needs to be dissolved and totally decentralized, and the criminal feds need to be given their walking papers. I wonder what Pat Buchanan thinks about that.

12:32 pm on April 22, 2014