Southern Louisiana Parishes: Stay Out Till Friday

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Writes James Hitt: “Bob Higgs’ ratchet effect is in full effect and not only in the City. It looks as though the local governments of Terrebonne and Lafourche Parish have assumed ownership of everything within the parishes as well. Even though we have seen worse storms, government intervention in these events seems to have only gotten vastly greater in recent years.

“Few things can make me angrier than a local government assuming an air of paternal seriousness and authority (for, who sincerely takes these junior mobster idiots seriously?), as if their authority came to them from some much grander evil institution like the federal government or something (not that I recognize their authority in the least, either). Judging from the name of the governing entity of Terrebonne Parish (and its parish seat, Houma), the completely evil sounding “Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government,” even little tyrants like these can dream.”

1:27 pm on September 2, 2008