South Park, Rob Reiner, and Nannyism

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Regarding Stephen Carson’s post on South Park, Rob Reiner is even more insidious than the South Parkers portray him as being. Not only is he the head anti-smoking nanny in California; he got the legislature to earmark some of the tobacco industry loot from their gun-under-the-table “settlement” for a program that is designed to have the state interfere in child rearing from birth. Reiner said that it was unfair and unequal that some parents pay more attention to their infants than others, resulting in some 5-year-olds being better prepared to enter school than others. So, to compel absolute equality, they now have a program in California funded by tobacco taxes that hopes to get every child in the claws of state social workers soon after they are born in order to wipe out all inequalities.

What’s next, Rob, throwing acid in the faces of more attractive children? Lopping off the toes of the faster runners? Lobotomies for kids with I.Q.s above the mean?

1:39 pm on January 22, 2004