South Park on Anti-Smokers

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When Paul Cantor came to Wash. U., he spoke on “Cartoon Anarchy: From The Simpsons to South Park”. He pointed out that South Park is able to be very politically incorrect and deal with hot topics the mass media avoids by making sure that everyone knows this isn’t something to be taken seriously. Crudely animated children who curse like sailors ensure that South Park flies under the radar of our cultural gaurdians.

In the episode “Butt Out”, they take on the anti-tobacco campaigners, led in the cartoon by Hollywoodite Rob Reiner. He is portrayed as a ruthless liar willing to do anything to have control over other people. Some favourite lines: “He just goes around imposing his will on people. He’s my idol.” (Cartman) “Sometimes lying is okay, like when you know what’s good for people more than they do.” (Rob Reiner)

1:01 pm on January 22, 2004