Sometimes, In Spite of Themselves, Truth Slips Past the Corporate Media

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In an article about David Simpson, a representative in Texas’ legislature who has once again introduced his bill against the TSA’s gate-rape, the Amarillo Globe-News provides context for his efforts:

The tea party Republican introduced a much-ballyhooed measure in 2011 making it illegal for anyone conducting searches to touch travelers’ privates, even though [sic] clothing, while prohibiting searches considered offensive “to a reasonable person.”

That bill passed the full House but died … amid concerns that Transportation Security Administration personnel could face criminal charges just for doing their jobs.

Yep: “touch[ing] travelers’ privates, even through clothing,” and conducting “searches considered offensive ‘to a reasonable person'” is “just … doing their jobs” to the blue-shirted perverts.

8:20 am on April 11, 2013