Something Else About McGovern

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He helped make Americans fat and sick. As chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition in the 1970s, George McGovern was responsible for implementing the pro-carb, anti-fat “food pyramid” of the Department of Agriculture. Since non-fat food tastes like cardboard, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup was substituted, much to our detriment. We are supposed to be fat-burners, not sugar burners, and fat, in addition, is satiating. Without it, people tend to gain weight. There was no evidence for the anti-fat jihad, of course, but McGovern said the cause was so urgent that there was no time to wait for evidence. It has taken decades for real science and the primal movement to begin to reverse the damage wrought by McGovernism. In the meantime, the cemeteries are full of the prematurely dead from diabetes and other diseases promoted by his committee and the appropriately named DOA.

8:04 am on October 22, 2012