Some People Will Do Anything Not To Be Groped

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As many people have been writing about in response to the lies concerning why airport passengers need to go through the Orwellian “security” procedures at our nation’s scareports, this bombing in Russia today is a perfect example of why the procedures are ultimately pointless. Terrorists blew up a bomb in one of the terminals at Moscow Airport, i.e., they didn’t think it “necessary” to wait until they got on a plane to do it in order to make their political point. I shudder at what will be the next draconian step taken by airport authorities to stop even this tactic.

As a side note, check this out from the article:

“There have been no departure delays. We were shut for only about 20 minutes after the explosion,” she told state TV. [emphasis mine]

How many times are U.S. airports shut down for hours when someone is even suspected of carrying a weapon (and, as usual, isn’t)?

[Thanks to Eli Cryderman]

12:23 pm on January 24, 2011