Sojourners: Mandate that All U.S. Girls Receive Gardisil Vaccine

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Readers of my material know that I am extremely critical of the whole Sojourners movement. Although the people there have opposed U.S. wars abroad, their criticism of Barack Obama is so muted that one wonders if this group is little more than a religious front for the Democratic Party.

While Sojourners and its leader, Jim Wallis, claim to be against corporatism and crony capitalism, it apparently had no problem shilling for the Government-Big Pharma complex by demanding that the government force all young girls to have Gardisil vaccines. While this piece appeared several years ago, I have read nothing from their web pages that tells me that their position has changed. Because Wallis hates the conservative evangelicals, he and the author of this article blame religious conservatives for standing in the way of a national Gardisil mandate. The article really must be read to be believed.

The thing to understand is that like all Progressives, Wallis and his people are hardcore collectivists. They believe in things like “national purpose” and believe that all individuals should be pawns to the State. Perhaps that is why Wallis in 1979 wrote an editorial in Sojourners claiming:

Many of today’s [Vietnamese] refugees were inoculated with a taste for a Western lifestyle during the war and are fleeing to support their consumer habit in other lands” (Sojourners, September 1979).

LRC readers might remember that these were people fleeing a brutal Stalinist political regime. They braved open seas in rickety boats, with survivors enduring attacks from pirates and others, and living in squalid refugee camps for years at at time. A man who truly believed that people who were risking their lives just “to support their consumer habit” would have no problem at all forcing girls to take a vaccine that they and their parents would refuse if offered, with severe legal consequences for those people who refused. Wallis is a true Progressive, a man who hates all forms of liberty.

4:07 pm on December 30, 2012