So THAT’S Why the NSA Has to Violate the Fourth Amendment!

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A senior government lawyer” named Robert Litt explained that the NSA so heavily rummages through the world’s “communications” that it renders “court approval for queries involving Americans impractical.”

“Impractical”! Whew! Poor overworked judgie-wudgies. You know those scurrilous Founding Fathers: not only dead white men who owned slaves but willing, even eager, to burden the judiciary with impractical requirements like issuing warrants.

Litt offered this risible excuse to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, a rubber-stamp for Our Rulers’ evisceration of the Constitution. “[B]oard member and former federal judge Patricia Wald” added to the hilarity when she responded, “I suppose the ultimate question for us is whether or not the inconvenience to the agencies or even the unhappiness of the [surveillance] court would be the ultimate criteria.”

I doubt the twit was joking, either.

12:39 pm on March 21, 2014