Snarling, Robotic Police in House-to-House Search

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In this video of the Watertown house-to-house police invasions, a man comes out of the house with his arms raised. On the porch, he lets them drop and a policeman grabs his arm and lifts it back up. Later, at about 1:42 in, a man drops his arms and the policeman yells “Hands up!”. Several times, the police are seen frisking the occupants who have exited the house. A clear instance is at 2:39 into the video, down the street.

Here’s another video of the Watertown events. There is no question of anyone giving on-the-spot consent to a search when an occupant is facing a dozen men with rifles and guns pointing at him or her. The reporter describes the police searches as “terrifying”, as in police terror. Such searches are non-consensual. These police have all been trained to act robotically to control the people and intimidate them. They have been programmed. There is never judgment or thought involved in what they do. They never explain anything to anyone or make an inquiry. They always act nervous and afraid that they may be in a dangerous situation. They will point the guns at a woman with a baby as readily as at someone who looks like their suspect. They will make everyone obey. The reporter says that people were not allowed back into their homes but left on the street for 14-15 hours.

3:28 pm on April 24, 2013