Smoke Grass in New York? You Can’t Even SHOOT Grass in New York

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A homeowner in Uniondale, NY had the audacity to try to defend his family and home when a group of thugs mobbed his home, threatening him and his family.

“I went around and went into the house, ran upstairs and told my wife to call the police. I get the gun and I go outside and I come into the doorway and now, by this time, they are in the driveway, back here near the house. I tell them, you know, ‘Can you please leave?’ Grier said. Grier said the five men dared him to use the gun; and that their shouts brought another larger group of gang members in front of his house. “He starts threatening my family, my life. ‘Oh you’re dead. I’m gonna kill your family and your babies. You’re dead.’ So when he says that, 20 others guys come rushing around the corner. And so I fired four warning shots into the grass,” Grier said. [emphasis mine]

The homeowner, George Grier, was charged with “reckless endangerment.” Why didn’t the police just pay him to fill out a report on the incident? Oh…wait a minute. That’s what would have happened if one of their own braindead-in-blue fellow “peace officers” had fired warning shots. Or taser shots. Or drove drunk after tequila shots. (Okay, maybe not that last one. That they would have just tried to cover-up.)

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

4:59 am on September 8, 2010