Smell that awful Stench: Probably the French.*

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Something is beginning to stink in France. It’s the bad smell of its Bankster puppet president Nicholas Sarkozy imposing a carbon tax on its not unwitting citizens:

Sarkozy imposes carbon tax to ‘save human race’

NICOLAS SARKOZY yesterday vowed to lead the fight to “save the human race” from global warming, launching a carbon tax to encourage French families and industry to cut their use of fossil fuels. From 2010 France will be the biggest European economy to levy a carbon tax, following other successful schemes introduced by Nordic countries in the 1990s.

The tax – initially set at €17 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions – will be levied on individuals and businesses for fossil fuel consumption. Family fuel bills will rise, while businesses will pay more for factories run on fossil fuels. In a speech peppered with warnings about the need for France to take the lead in fighting climate change, Mr Sarkozy said: “There are no reserves left. It’s a question of survival of the human race.”

After weeks of government gaffes and public rows about what form the tax would take, pre-speech polls showed two-thirds of French people opposed the measure. [Emphasis mine]

I don’t think a French bath is going to help this stench go away.
*Lyric from the song “Please Hello” (from the Stephen Sondheim musical Pacific Overtures).

6:00 am on September 11, 2009