Sleeping Neocons, Awake!

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Jeffrey Lord’s attack on Ron Paul met with such withering criticism  that the hundreds of comments — two-thirds of all those the site received Tuesday — have been mysteriously disappeared, as they say in Argentina. Nonetheless, acknowledging the author’s petulant confusion, the Spectator published yesterday a response from Jack Hunter, who sliced and diced Lord’s tirade nicely.

Alas, instead of defending his original line of “thought,” as it is called these days, Lord countered with an attack on Hunter, a tactic which Obamanites find very effective when dealing with Karl Rove, but which plays somewhat off key here. He then passes around some anti-antisemitism, serves up the same “I worked for Reagan” treacle that has served Jim Baker, David Gergen, and countless other “conservative” opportunists so well over the years, and then goes back to sleep.

The Spectator, however, seems to be waking up. In today’s lead article, a sharp reporter reveals for the first time the existence of an obscure figure named “Ben Bernanke.” He runs something called the “Federal Reserve.” And gee, he can print money and nobody can fire him, and he has something to do with a guy named Karl Marx. He looks really important. B-E-R-N-A-N-K-E — I think I spelled that right. This looks like a scoop for the Spectator. Lew, you’d better read up on this guy! And please tell Dr. Paul!

Many thanks to the Spectator for this exclusive! As for Mr. Lord, let me recommend for his bedtime reading this helpful bit of family genealogy: Lord of the World.

6:18 am on August 25, 2011