Slanted Talking Heads and Phony “Research” Institutes

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Readers of LRC are aware of something that the general public needs to know, which is that there are a great many slanted talking heads on tv shows and a great many slanted institutes in Washington that purport to produce analytical research reports and instead produce biased views.

A recent case is the election of a new president in Iran. The bias is anti-Iran. No matter what occurs in Iran, these talking heads and institutes come up with stories or lines to frame thinking so as to maintain the anti-Iran bias. This is a fundamentally untruthful procedure designed to advance an agenda, which in this case is regime change in Iran, dominating Iran, and dominating the region. The process is extremely dangerous because it heavily influences American public opinion without countervailing voices being heard, and it’s aimed at warlike goals and often war itself. In this case, untrue stories are circulated that the president is a powerless figure in Iran. The president is wrongly accused of being a hard-liner. Old stories about centrifuges are recycled. It is falsely said that elections in Iran are no good anyway. Under the cover of being unbiased news and research, the airwaves are flooded with biased stories and opinions. The most shocking part of all this is that elected and unelected officials in Washington live and breathe in this biased atmopshere and say the same kinds of things frequently. They are not just on another page than the rest of us, or in another book, they are in a world of their own in which their false imaginings and statements about Iran come to be what they really believe. This situation is very dangerous and surely not good for the American public.

11:56 am on July 7, 2013