Skew This Poll on Public Pension Welfare

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The Beltway organization NCPERS (National Conference on Public Employees Retirement System), the trade association for public sector pension funds, is slamming a poll through today via social media. The message is as follows:

As many members are aware, Pew Charitable Trusts has joined forces with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and is meddling in state pension reform issues and pushing its right- wing conservative agenda. Pensions & Investments is conducting a poll that all NCPERS members should vote on:

Conflict of interest or extension of research?
The Pew Charitable trust is now giving advice to policy makers in its ideas for pension reform.

This recent article in the Huffington Post claims the Pew Center is joining forces with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to push their “free market agenda” concerning the reform of public employee pension funds. This is being called the “Pew-Arnold Axis.”

Marks says that the Pew-Arnold axis threatens Pew’s longstanding reputation for non-ideological work in the public sphere. “The Arnold Foundation is using Pew’s brand to take on retirement security,” he says.

Fellow libertarians – it might be kinda fun to go out and skew this poll just a little. You can access the poll here. Update: A reader notes that “by deleting “history” (specifically, the cookie from the site), one can re-vote to one’s heart’s content.”

5:14 pm on October 3, 2013