Shouting Lies As A Memory Aid

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Joe Wilson’s true statement last night, shouted at Obama and treated by the usual suspects as a vulgar epithet, might in fact become one of the most memorable mnemonic devices in recent political history.

Of course Obama wants the successful (taxpayers) to finance health care for illegal aliens and the rest of his constituency. He has even conned the Catholic Church bureaucracy into joining the usual left-wing race-based organizations to  mobilize this potentially powerful population as a permanent political pillar in his plans to “spread the money around.”

Wilson has laid down a red flag that will come in handy as that twelve million becomes fifty million, through “family reunion” policies that are “moral imperatives,” to borrow a powerful figure of speech from the late Edward Kennedy. [Note: Health Care is already “free” in Mexico. Why, you might ask, would any sane Mexican leave that Garden of Eden for our “terrible” system?].

As time goes by,  “You Lie” might just become the most popular bumper sticker in the campaign of 2012.

12:24 pm on September 10, 2009