Should Pro-Family Americans Support the Taliban?

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The US taxpayer supports a criminal gang in Afghanistan that calls itself a “government” — and that also receives billions of dollars a year that go directly into the pockets of corruptos. So what else is new?

Well, consider the sad fact that the American taxpayer is also subsidizing a culture that forces young boys into slavery of the most sordid and squalid sort — to serve as sex toys for the prominent wealthy men who can buy them.

This widespread practice that flourishes under the U.S. occupation has been known to the experts for years, but has been rarely reported by our government-friendly media — for a very simple and obvious reason: if they knew about it, the indispensable pro-war, “pro-family” evangelical backers of the war to bring on Armageddon would suddenly confront the startling fact that the Taliban — America’s sworn enemy, remember? — opposes sex slavery and considers it sinful, while our bright and shining “Afghan allies” practice it and allow it to flourish.

And once these family-friendly stalwarts knew about it, they’d turn against the war. Right?

The Washington Post, as usual, picks up the story a couple of years late, but the practice has been hidden in plain view for years. I have never heard about its being raised in congressional testimony, even though American servicemen in Afghanistan are often harassed and even propositioned by village elders who find them attractive.

Will Christians who support war come to their senses, now that they find that they support financing a criminal gang that profoundly violates their family values? Or will they consider Afghanistan’s pervasive pederasty merely another instance of “collateral damage”?

UPDATE: The US Government knew about the role of at least one $2 Billion-Per-Year contractor in securing young boys with taxpayer money and supplying them to parties featuring the activities described above. Of course, the US government did nothing. (Hat Tip to MDM).

8:41 am on April 5, 2012