Should America Go To War For McCain?

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The neocon sites are overflowing with hubris and bellicosity. Stop Russia! Defend Georgia! Send others to die for South Ossetia! All they know about history is Hitler Hitler Hitler, so they don’t remember August 1914.

Hmmmm … perhaps they hope that a new war will erase a multitude of their sins — with the blood of others, of course.

But wait — there is another malevolent motive to consider: Are the neocons trying to stir war fever in order to boost the sagging presidential fortunes of John McCain? In their small minds, do the prospects for the electoral victory of another “war president” seem brighter if World War is a “looming threat”?

Don’t they understand that the childish political games between Obama and McCain — on the level of Brittney Spears and tire gauges — are idiotic? That the very limited talents of both men suggests not more war, but a return to the Constitution? Given the modest talents of the two major candidates, shouldn’t we return to the Constitution’s severe limit s on the powers of the presidency, lest either of these two twits launch us on an even more dangerous and irreversible road to world war?

So many of my former DC colleagues are getting so rich (in both money and power) playing these little games that they are blind to the dire consequences that their hubris invites. They are all dreaming of cashing in, come November. Their moral vision is blinded by raw lust (I John 2:16). Little do they know that the events that they want to set in motion will smash them like gnats.

Our political parties are not our protection: the Constitution is (and it never mentions South Ossetia). The Constitution is our only bulwark against the vain and vile follies propounded by these criminal gangs.

8:57 am on August 11, 2008